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Comprehensive Description of the Work in the Program
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The School of Hard Knots

A DSL Edgework MASTER CLASS on the Psycho*-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial & Joint System:

* FYI: “Psycho-“ refers to the psychologicalmental & emotional systems — causing your muscles to take action, to contract or relax, to accomplish movement & action, and to what degree or intensity they act.

When you decide to pick up your cup of coffee off the table in the morning, that is a psychological process initiating your neuro-musculo-fascial actions & joints to pick up the cup. Whether there is an emotional component or not might depend, for example, on how “attached” you are to that cup of coffee, or whether you can even function without it!

Here is the Description & COURSE OUTLINE:
(This is NOT in the Streamlined Version)

This is NOT a Technique class. This is a Deep Information & Perspective Course. The School of Hard Knots is designed to give foundational knowledge & INSIGHT applying to ALL modalities, ALL techniques you might engage with having to do with muscles, fascia, joints, and in many cases, your nerves. …

And Very Frequently, problems emanate from the muscles.

We will assume you know some yoga or stretching, or know some self-care techniques, or visit a massage, bodywork, or other healthcare practitioners. Or that you will do so if you need to. …

This Course is designed to help you implement any of all of those activities, therapies, or modalities more “effecticiently” (effectively & efficiently). …

We WILL soon be offering “technique” classes, such as “DE-Constructing Yoga from the Inside Out” or “Basic Practices of Hands-On Bodywork,” and “How To Use Self-Massage Tools.” If you have a partner we will have online courses on how to work with each other using hands-on therapy.

Yet if you know the fundamentals presented in THIS Masterclass, the physiological & neurological basics of how it all works, you will get FAR more out of the Technique Programs.

For now, we will assume you know some yoga or stretching, or know some self-care techniques, or visit a massage, bodywork, or other healthcare practitioners. Or that you will do so if you need to. …

Awareness & Thinking - Muscle Pain Relief and Stress Reduction and the cause for sore muscles

Awareness & Thinking Working Together

There is a meditative / mindful component to everything in DSL Edgework. We are not very “mystically” inclined, being more focused on physical / mental Reality. Yet we believe we are very Conscious in our approaches.


This Pilot Program has an Introductory Session, and FIVE Classes. Then, we’ll have a Wrap Up & Final Q&A Session.

— Introductory Session —
The Elements of DSL Edgework:
1. A Primary Focus of the DSL Method Is C.E.M.&.N.T. —
Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress.
What is C.E.M.&.N.T.? It’s a Primary Source of aches & pains, dysfunction, lost range of motion, poor posture & balance, reduced vitality & energy, scoliosis, and many other symptoms and conditions.
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2. The DSL Approach, in General, on HOW to “Work the Muscles.”
“MUSCLES” refers to the Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System as a whole system. … “Muscles“ control the stability, protection & movement of the joints & bones and many functions of organs & glands, and the bodymind as a whole.
“Psycho-“ refers to the mental & emotional processes, and levels of thought & memory, that control, interplay with, or react / respond to the sensations from the muscular system and other sensory nerves. These are processes of the brain & nervous system, and organs sending in their input to the brain. … Yet the MIND is MUCH MORE than just the brain.

Knowing HOW the Muscle System Works,
Tells You HOW to “Work It.”

There are many Myth-Conceptions about how the musculo-fascial systems of the human body work, or not. Such Myth-Conceptions tend to direct therapeutic interventions toward inefficient, ineffective, or counter-productive, even harmful, methods of therapy. We examine such Myth-Conceptions, and provide Better Answers to the Puzzles of Posture, Pain & Dysfunction.
Finding the most “hard knots” or “tight muscles” are often the place where the most excess neurologic output & irritation is occurring, causing many different problems. “Talking” to the central nervous system (CNS) by way of contacting the hard knots often provides the most input to the CNS & brain, which in turn reduces the excess nerve output keeping muscles too tense and organs overactive and over-stressed.
DSL Edgework uses mostly manual pressure or stretching to contact the deeper level of the CNS & Brain.
3. Myo-Structural Balancing & Bodywork
The Secondary Focus of the DSL Method — is WHICH Muscles & WHAT Sequence of Work are indicated by the Client’s structural & postural anomalies (deviations from normal)?
A. BIO-Structural Analysis & Postural Evaluation
B. Myo-Structural Balancing Strategies
Using the relations between muscles & bones within the field of gravity — and in the context of the Client’s personal health history — to determine which muscles are the primary target of treatment, and in what order.
BIO: B = Bio-Logical, I = Integrative, O = Optimal / Organon
BIO- refers to the “logic of a whole of human life,” including all psycho-emotional aspects affecting the bone & joint structure of the human body by way of musculo-fascial & skeletal action.
Integral- putting it all together into a wholistic or whole health process.
Optimal- in search of the best possible function & action of the various aspects of Being Human.
Organon- is an “Instrument of Logic or Reasoning”… a body of principles of scientific or philosophical investigation.
4.  Myo-Structural Yoga Therapy
A. Client Self Care for Maximizing & Maintaining the Hands-On Work.
B. Physical / Mental / Relational Yoga as the Foundation for DSL Hands-On Therapy.

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5. Tai Chi-based Movement & Exercise Therapy
A. Provides further Integration of DSL Bodywork and Yoga Therapy.
B. How to Discover the Most Effecticient Movement & Action of Your Body.

(FIVE Sessions — Approximate & Tentative Content):
1. The Health / Fitness Spectrum & The Hard Body Mythology
A. Tone, Tonus, Resting Tonus, Tension — Trigger Points
Relaxation vs. Tension vs. Chronic Tension vs. Contracture
B. Sympathetic / Parasympathetic Function & Vagus Nerve
C. Strength vs Length, Short & Long, Myo-Structural Balance
D. Strength vs. ROM vs. Flexibility vs. Resilience
E. Skill Development & Neuro-Muscular Facilitation Without Tension Accumulation
F.  Why NO Pain Means MORE Gain in Therapy & Daily Function
 2. How Healthy Muscles Work — Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Structure
A. Posture, Fascial Water Bags, Hydrostatic Buoyancy
B. Hydration & Muscle Cell Strength
Cell Volume, Strength & Skin Tone (Wrinkles)
C. Freedom of Action, Flexibility & Resilience —
Balanced Actin / Myosin Muscle Cells
D. Maximum Range-of-Motion & Strength via
Maximum Deep, Radical Relaxation
E. Nutrition & Detoxification via Increased Relaxation —
Blood / Lymph Circulation
F.  Muscular Influences on Respiration & Digestive Function
3. Structure of the Musculo-Fascia-Tendinous Unit
A. Fascial Sheaths — Protection & Transmission — Colloidal Structures / Extensibility — Water Binding Capacity — Hyaluronic Acid
B. Fascial Sheaths Becomes Tendons
C. Tendons Becomes Periosteum (attachment points to bones)
D. Muscle Cells — Actin / Myosin Units — Force Generators
E. Proprioceptive Nerves — Golgi Tendon Organs & Muscle Spindles
F.  Proprioception vs Sensation Perception
4. BodyMInd Breakdowns — When Bad Things Happen to Good Muscles
A. Repetitive Action, Intensity, & Tension Building —
Habitual Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Patterns
B. Neuromuscular Discombobulation (Discoordination), & Sensory-Motor Amnesia — Familiarity of Action — Violinist vs Violist — Stair Step — Attention / Distraction — Thinking Mind as Observer / Moderator, NOT the “Controller”
C. Human Osmotic Pressure & H2O Displacement in Muscles — Intracellular / Extracellular Water & Pain
D. Stabilization & Protection from External Forces —
More Habitual Patterns
E. Jammed Sarcomeres (muscle cells) and “Lost Strength”
F.  Joint Compression
G. Chemical Buildup
H. Cascading Sympathetic Overload — Law of Generalization
Accumulating Injury & Trauma
5. Psychological & Neurological Elements —
Control Circuits of the Psycho-Muscular System
A. When Does the Heart Muscle Relax & Regenerate?
B. Radical Relaxation & Relaxed Action
C. Sensory-Motor Amnesia — Desensitization —
Descending Sensory Pathways (worth the whole course by itself)
D. Cerebral Cortex “Creation” of the Pain Experience
E.  “Muscle Memory” — Neurological Basis of Memory
6. RECAP, Principles of Therapy, Q&A
That’s your Tentative Overview of the CONTENT of the School of Hard Knots! — I Promise you will know more about this “stuff” than most practitioners do. … Even many physicians don’t know some of this.
For the first TWENTY who sign up, based on the idea of a Pilot or Beta program, You will be Co-Creating this program with me. You will have a significantly reduced price, and personal, one-on-one access to me. And you’ll have the satisfaction of helping the Program have FAR more value for future students.
While I have a Plan for the Content (described above), your input could modify the course a little or a lot, depending on how engaged you get in the process.
I will, for the first TWELVE (or more) People who sign up, BEFORE I finalize Video #1, have a 1-Hour, personal call (Zoom or Skype) where You can tell me your interests or needs, questions or suggestions of what should be included. This way, I can produce the first video too, as much and best as possible, including the feedback & questions I get from You. …
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do NOT want to have any phone calls with me, Please do NOT fill in your phone number in the Sign Up Form. I will then give the calls to the next person in line who signs up.
The First 12 People will ALSO have two more calls. The SECOND call will be sometime during the five-week period, at your convenience, or when you have something to say. The THIRD call will be after the program is complete. THERE, you’ll let me know what you got out of the program, how I could improve it, and what to change.
You will also have personal & private access to my eMail Coaching software, and You can put Questions or Suggestions in that way. (I will have SOME limits on that, as some people seem to want me to write a whole book each time they send me very wide-ranging questions! … So I’ll request you focus on one or two narrowly focused questions per eMail. And I’ll probably have some kind of limit on how many words you can write, just to help keep it concise.)
I’ll send out the FIRST Video within the first week of the first phone calls, which you can watch at your convenience. We will then, probably Wednesday Evenings (depending on feedback from the first 12 participants), have an Online Conference Call every week where we will all discuss the video and answer any questions you have. I will stay online till everyone’s questions are answered. (I’m VERY used to working late into the night!) …
HOWEVER, IF you ask a question I will be covering in a future video, I will let you know that question WILL be answered in another Video Lesson. … IF you ask a question that is outside the scope of the course, I will probably be able to answer it, as long as it is not too widely focused and can be discussed in a reasonable period of time.
But if a lot of people cannot agree on a convenient date & time, I’ll schedule a second weekly call to accommodate as many people as possible.
The CALLS will be Recorded and available to you anytime after they are published.
ALL participants will also have personal & private access to my eMail Coaching software, and You can put Questions or Suggestions in that way. (I will have SOME limits on that, as some people seem to want me to write a whole book each time they send me very wide-ranging questions! … So I’ll request you focus on one or two narrowly focused questions per eMail. And I’ll probably have some kind of limit on how many words you can write, just to help keep it concise.)
I will then produce the next four videos, one per week, of the Five Lesson Sessions described above, releasing them one Lesson per week. Actually, there will be SIX videos, including the INTRODUCTORY Video. (I will release the Intro Video BEFORE the program starts, so it will, technically, be a FREE Lesson.) Then a week later, we’ll have the BONUS Wrap-Up & Q&A Call.
The videos will, as much as possible will reflect my Phone and eMail conversations with everyone, You included.
So hopefully You’ll join me in the School of Hard Knots and help me create, improve, and fine-tune the program.
If You Are Interested in This Course, Please CLICK HERE:
School of Hard Knots – Masterclass on Muscles